paypal provides an easy and quick way to send and request money online. you can transfer money (abroad) to family, friends, online shops, and auction sites like ebay.

step 1: simply add your desired items to the cart.
step 2: once you’re done, click the cart button on the top right hand side of the page and click “checkout”.
step 3: fill in your shipping information. tick paypal (button left hand) and then click the “place order” (button right hand)
step 4: your order will be forwarded to us. stay calm, we will reply you via email with paypal details

n.b  all payments are sent as friends and familyany payment sent as goods and services will not be shipped and not refunded. the client will have to wait for 180 days to get an auto refund from paypal. to avoid that, always make sure you are sending as friends and family

don’t know how to send as friends and family? read the guidelines below

what is paypal friends and family?

when you send or request money through your personal paypal account, you can choose whether it’s a “friends and family” payment or a “goods and services” payment.


in order to send money using paypal friends and family, both you and the recipient need to have a paypal account (you can set one up for free). 

sending money with paypal friends and family only takes a few steps:

  1. login to your paypal account.
  2. click send
  3. under send money, paste email we will send to you
  4. enter payment amount, add a note (optional) and click continue.
  5. when prompted, select sending to a friend

you can also send friends and family payments using the paypal app. the process is pretty similar on the app. from your paypal app, here’s how to send money:

  1. tap send near the bottom of the screen.
  2. paste email we will send to you.
  3. enter the amount, choose the currency, add a note (optional) and tap next.
  4. select  “friends and family” and tap next.
  5. select how you want to pay and tap next.

still have difficulties sending money as friends and family? email us: support.

how to pay using bitcoin

bitcoin payments – an anonymous, decentralized digital cryptocurrency. this is currently the safest way to purchase from us online. if you are not familiar with bitcoin, below you will find some instructions to guide you through the ordering process.

the initial part of the ordering process is really no different than the ordering process of any other online store:

first step : simply add your desired items to the cart.
step 2: once you’re done, click the cart button on the top right hand side of the page and click “checkout”.
step 3: fill in your shipping information. tick bitcoin (button left hand) and then click the “place order” (button right hand)
step 4: you will now see the following screen which contains the bitcoin payment information you need to complete your order:important: the btc amount and bitcoin wallet address shown in the image above is only for demonstrative purposes only. do not use this wallet address. each order has a unique bitcoin wallet address associated with it. when that specific wallet address receives funds, it will generate an order request in our internal systems so that we know that you’ve paid and to send out your order. you should only ever send funds to the wallet address shown in the step. do not reuse any old addresses from previous orders to deposit into as those addresses are discarded once they’ve been used)

step 5: now to purchase the bitcoin, there’s a few different choices available (listed in no particular order):

– (fastest, order in under 10 minutes)

  • – coinloft (quick & easy cash deposits) – read note below:
  • coinloft is recommended for their quickest turnaround as no account registration is necessary to buy bitcoin, but it does require you to deposit at a bank branch.
  • – cointree (cash deposits and bank transfers) – read note below:
  • before sending any btc to us through cointree, please go to “settings” and select “always btc” as the “bitcoin unit” or there’ll be errors when you pay us.
  • – coinspot (bank transfers)
  • – coinjar (bpay and bank transfers)
  • – btradeaustralia (bank transfers)
  • – localbitcoins (cash deposits and bank transfers)
  • – btcmarkets (bank transfers).
  • – bitpeople (bank transfers)

there’s a lot of choice available and you can see a comprehensive list of bitcoin providers over at comparebitcoins. go through each and find a provider that suits you best.

step 6: once you’re ready to purchase the bitcoin, you will need to supply the bitcoin provider with the wallet address and amount that was displayed to you on our checkout as depicted in step 4.

(note: some of the bitcoin providers listed above require you to register and provide a form of verification in order to activate your account. this is nothing to be alarmed about, they’re like any ordinary financial institution. buying bitcoin is not illegal so it is safe to verify your account.)

once your bitcoin order has been fulfilled and we receive the funds into our wallet address, you will receive an email notifying you that the order has been created and is pending processing. we will then send you a follow up email to let you know once it has been sent out. and that’s it!
if you have any issues with the bitcoin or ordering process, just contact us via support and we will be happy to help.