Ephedrine HCL 30mg 1000 tabs/pack


buy Ephedrine australia HCL 30mg 1000 tabs/pack  Contains 30mg of pure ephedrine hcl with no binders & fillers. Does not contain guaifenesin


buy Ephedrine australia HCL 30mg 1000 tabs/pack  Contains 30mg of pure ephedrine hcl with no binders & fillers. Does not contain guaifenesin like vasopro!

Yes, it contains powerful ephedrine alkaloid, not ephedra extract! Pure ephedrine hcl 25mg is the powerful product, take it carefully.

buy Ephedrine australia Note: Due to legal limitations we are able to sell 8mg of pure ephedrine per tablet only. You can take 3 tablets per serving for 24mg dosage.

Ephedrine HCL 30mg increases the force of skeletal muscle contractions. The adrenaline rush provided allows the user to push harder through their training and can indirectly lead to further muscle and strength gains.

For athletes interested in muscle gain, ephedrine enhances the metabolic rate – the measure of fat, protein and carbohydrate conversion by the body. And an enhanced metabolic rate could clearly increase the speed of depositing new muscle mass.

buy Ephedrine australia Researches have shown colclusively that the combination of ephedrine and caffeine in the correct ratios and amounts is very effective for weight loss.This research has been done on animals and confirmed repeatedly on human studies many times.

Optimal Caffeine to Ephedrine HCL 30mg ratio for fat loss is 10:1. The vast majority of studies have used 20mg of ephedrine and 200mg of caffeine 3 times a day for total daily dose of 60mg Ephedrine and 600mg of Caffeine

To get Ephedrine+Caffeine in the optimal ratio just take 2-3 pills of ephedrine hcl 8mg (16-24mg of ephedrine) and drink 2-3 cups of espresso (200-300mg of caffeine). That is all!

You can also add 1 pill of aspirin (200mg) in this blend to make full ECA stack, but the value of adding aspirin is questionable. The vast majority of studies were in fact done on the Ephedrine+Caffeine blend and there has never been a head-to-head study done that showed the ECA combination was superior to the EC without aspirin.

The Effects of Ephedrine HCL 30mg:

buy Ephedrine australia Ephedrine has powerful metabolism boosting effect. When taken throughout the day, early morning and up to mid afternoon, it will boost resting metabolism and dramatically reduce appetite.
Ephedrine has a vasodylating effect where by blood is transported more efficiently to the muscle tissue and throughout the body. Ephedrine will dramatically boost physical strength and cardiovascular performance through this vasodylation.
Ephedrine HCL 30mg Directions To Use

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